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Flatform Type : Blogger

Template Name : Strap Blog SEO Responsive Blogger Templates

Intructions : Tutorial Install Blogger Template

Author Name : Dian Anarchyta

Design Url : www.nodaluka.com

Publisher : www.kaizentemplate.com

Description: Strap Blog SEO Responsive Blogger Templates is perfect For Personal Portofolio Sites, Modern and fully responsive (try resizing your browser), And Bootstrap 3.3.6, Masonry Plugin, Wow Plugin, Mobile Friendly, Responsive Design, Valid HTML 5, Valid CSS 3, SEO 100%, Threaded Comments Hack, Auto Readmore No Javascript, Breadcrumbs SEO Friendly, Related Post, Fast Loading, Clean Design, HCard Author and Update, Ads Ready, Webmaster Structered, Custom Error Page, Valid Rich Snippet, Custom Button Share, Ajax Quick Search, Much more...

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